Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Only just realised I haven't posted since last Friday, had a busy few days, took the car back on Saturday to where I purchased the original cat and after a bit of twoing and froing they agreed to replace it again.

Saturday night went out to watch rugby and Miss M was working and even though she now has a new fella she is still not speaking to me, so when the rugby finished I decided to go home. I had a good night in catching up on all my sky + and finally watching the Vicar of Dibley wedding which I have been promising myself I was going to watch for long enough, I have seen part 1 twice but for some reason I always missed part two, so I hired it to watch the wedding, very good it was too.

Sunday morning up bright and breezy as a result of not much alcohol the night before, so beds stripped, washing done and about two months worth of ironing I finally managed to cook myself a chicken dinner at 6pm, but I felt like I had achieved something and the wardrobes are bursting at the seams having not realised how many clothes I had because they had been getting pulled out of the ironing pile and ironed as required.

Monday was a busy day training at work and on Monday evening I called into to see my ex boss who I have worked for on and off for about 15 years, it started when I lived with him. He lost his right hand man in December to a rival marquee company so has struggled a bit paperwork wise since, so I went and had a chat with him and I am going to do a few hours cash in hand to help him out, I think he would have me back full time tomorrow and on decent money but we fall out and when I say fall out I mean we have massive screaming matches and want to kill each other kind of falling out so I just don't know whether it's worth it, even though I loved the job, I have a bit of thinking to do over the next few weeks.

Tuesday got a call at work from Landlady, had I remembered we where going to a charity do, ermm no and I can't really be bothered, I didn't say that I just agreed and said ok we would go for a couple of hours, as usual when you go with that attitude you usually end up having a good night which we did and I found the answer to insomnia, 4 pints....slept like a baby and woke up full of the joys of spring this morning.

Also took car in yesterday and got new cat fitted and yes I don't know why it happens to me but when I got off the bus to go and collect it I was stood waiting to cross the road and suddenly I saw a motorbike sliding towards me with the rider of the floor, I managed to jump back for it to miss me and picked the lad up off the floor, I did ask him if he was ok first though, he was just a little shaken, he can't have been doing more than 15 miles an hour when he skidded in a puddle trying to stop.

There was a car in front of him when this happened and there is no way whatsoever he hit it with his bike because it went off at an angle and headed straight for me, the guy was trying to pull a fast one because he had an old car with a dint in the bumper. So big gob here intervened while he was having a go at the lad for hitting his car, I stuck my oar in and told him in no uncertain terms he hadn't hit his car and if he had he certainly hadn't caused the damage he was claiming he had because there was rust for all to see.

I asked the lad if he was ok again and we picked his bike up and inspected it, it seemed ok so I sent him on his way with the guy from the car in front protesting weakly because he knew he had been sussed.

I managed to walk across the road this time without having anything sliding towards me and the lads in the garage where laughing their heads off at me, respect!!!

Tomorrow I have a telephone interview at 3pm for quite a good job, I suppose they are doing that to whittle down the crap before proper interviews but I am sure it will be an experience and as ever I have prepared quite well for it because I need to sell myself if it's over the phone.

I will let you know how I get on.


Miss Understood said...

I'm glad the biker was ok, and good for you for fighting his corner :)

Good luck with the interview. x

IT Barman said...

Seems you have a lot of things on the horizen regrding jobs, well done, I have an interview where i am on the 13th for a permy role, so fingers crossed.

Glad you spotted the bike before it was to late, otherwise the lads would have proberbly been laughing harder.

Good luck with the interview

kingmagic said...

Good skills with the biker M.

Hope the interview goes well.

KM. x

Vi said...

Geez, some people trying to scam free insurance!!!!!! Lucky you were there to put him in his place!

Wild Catz said...

Any news on the job front? xx

Emma said...

Miss - Yes it's so strange how these things land at my feet...xx

IT - Yes, good luck with your interview...xx

KM - Instinct I suppose..xx

Vi - I have real issues with people scamming insurance, it's why our premiums are so high..xx

Catz - Got through telephone interview..xx