Friday, 18 January 2008

Good week

This lock down thing is actually quite beneficial at the moment because it means I can talk about work and only my select friends know about it.

I have had such a busy week at work and yesterday afternoon after the event meeting, which is actually what I was taken on to do initially I had a chat with my boss, in the meantime he had sent me out on Wednesday to sort the IT Directors filing out and I had a really good day and her filing cabinet look

Anyway I digress, talking to my boss yesterday and as I have said in previous posts I am getting more and more involved in other projects, projects which are only just starting up and some which are nearing the end and because of my input I was kind of thinking well who will do this if I am not around, so after the meeting we usually have ten minutes chat about how it went and yesterday's meeting went really well and we got a lot of bits and bobs sorted out so we were both pretty buoyant.

He told me is was really pleased with me and thanked me for all my help, even said in all the years he has been working no one has ever sorted him out like I have, how flattering.

So I said kind of tongue in cheek I loved working in the team and he needs to find me a full time job so I can stay....he replied straight away with don't you think that's what I am trying to do, he is really pleased with the way I have slotted into the team and he admits they have the capacity for another FTE he just has to prove it to his boss.

Today I got involved with a brand new project and had a lot of input even in a short space of time and my bosses boss chaired the meeting so without brown nosing I am what you could say putting myself in the spotlight.

I said when I left the last job things happen for a reason and I am starting to believe that and also wondering what I have been doing with my life for the last few years. It is so nice not to have to think about coaching other staff, carrying out performance monitoring, carrying out absence monitoring and generally leading a team of people and just go to work, do the job and go home.

I never saw myself as a 9-5 person but I must admit I have got quite settled into this coming home on time and not thinking about work when I get here.

On another note, last night I was washing up and knocked a dinner plate in the rack and as I bent down to pick it up I knocked another, so two dinner plates smashed all over the kitchen floor, oh well excuse to wash the floor if nothing else.

When I bought my dinner service I bought it because I could buy individual items in the event I broke any, so on the way home tonight I called to get some more dinner plates, which incidentally aren't in stock until Monday, but no worries I have a friend who works there so I will get her to save me a couple.

You will remember a few weeks ago we had a charity darts night for McMillan Nurses because of the Chairwoman of our darts league is dying from cancer. She has already lasted longer than they thought she should, but it's very sad now as she is in the final stages of being in pain and swollen up like a balloon.

While I was in the shop looking for plates I bumped into another of the committee members who I have known for years, my mum is the secretary and has been for a number of years.

Becks I will call her said that the darts committee has always been full of the same people and they are all getting quite old now so it is time for some new blood, the chairwoman has kept everything very close to her chest for years and now no one really knows whats going on and because she is dying we can't really ask her.

The upshot of this is they are going to elect a new darts committee and guess who has just got volunteered on it? Yep me.

I don't really mind as long as I stay in this job because I am sure I can find time and I also have quite a few ideas which wouldn't have been listened too in the past.

Lots of waffle here I know but hopefully good waffle.

Have a great weekend all of you..xx


Evening said...

I am so pleased for you Emma. Sounds like things are looking up. You deserve for lovely things to happen and it seems they are.
Love and hugs.

EBEZP said...

Waffles good Emma honestly! Certainly looks like you are fitting in at work...Go girl!

Emma said...

Reen - It's all you lovely people I am now surrounded by, your vibes are rubbing off on me..xx

Si - Well it certainly looks positive..xx

Anonymous said...

LOTS of *good waffle* indeed, Emma..

Everything seems to be going so positively for you right now and no one deserves it more than you!

LL x

IT Barman said...

The McMillan Nurses are a great to help, my gran needed their help in her last days.

Looks like the job is going very well, I hope they find that FTE spot for you soon.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

All good waffle to me!