Saturday, 19 January 2008

The single girl strikes again!

Oh dear here we go again, I am being accused of causing the break up one of the barmaids relationships.

All because I have been friends with her ex boyfriend for years, a quick word of advice if you are a barmaid please don't shag the customers, it more often then not turns sour and then you have to face him because it's his local and he isn't going to stop coming in.

This started just before Christmas when he met someone else, but being the coward men can be he didn't have the balls to tell her so just caused a massive row over nothing and dumped her a couple of weeks ago.

Now because I didn't go out on the Friday night before he dumped her and neither did he I am suddenly the reason why he has dumped her even though I have absolutely nothing to do with it.

So last night I went out and she was working I ordered a drink and didn't even get a please or thank you, well I don't give a toss what has happened she has a job to do and she needs to be professional.

At one point one of the lads bought me a drink and she didn't serve me it, he had to go back and ask for it, even though he had paid for it.

I told Landlady half way through the night I was going to have a word with her because every time I turned round she was telling somebody else the story, Landlady told me to leave it because no matter what I said she wouldn't believe me.

So leave it I did, but she spent the night texting her ex telling him everyone was gossiping about her and in all fairness no one mentioned it it was her telling anyone who would listen, and every time I went near the bar she stopped talking.

So today I rang her ex and bollocked him big style, I told him I aren't putting up with this shit when I haven't done anything and before long someone is going to get battered because my patience will only last so long while she is talking about me.

He still hasn't told her he has someone else because he won't answer her calls, so I have told him if he doesn't tell her in time for me going out tonight then I will.

To be honest though I think Landlady might get in first because even she felt uncomfortable with her last night because she was doing the same with her as she was me.

Obviously if she is talking about me Landlady won't stand by and let her so she just shuts up when she walks up to her.

This is just so unbelievably petty and it really needs sorting and the daft part of it is me and her ex have a serious love hate relationship and have had for years because he is a bit of a daft lad and I don't make any bones about telling him when he drops a bollock, oh and he is the least shagable man I know even on a very dark night on a dessert island with only him for

what an exciting life I lead...the best thing to come out of last night though was that I told Miss I in no uncertain terms that I wasn't shagging Mr N and hadn't done for over 12 years, well actually I told the whole pub but she happened to be there when I said it.

Update: Just had a call from Landlady who has bollocked him and told him he has to tell her, he daren't tell her so Landlady has rung her and told her he is seeing someone else and it is not me, she has even given the name of who he is seeing, apparently more then one person had told her it was me, so we will see what happens later, she better apologise...


cheekyfaces said...

Bloody hell....I don't know how you stopped yourself from giving her a smack......fool she is.......hope you get your apology.

EBEZP said...

Wow how exciting Emma!! My ex partner was a barmaid and I don't think she would have acted any different in the same situation, that's strange isn't it?!
That means you probably won't get your apology!!
But kind of satisfaction!
Enjoy yourself tonight anyway!!
Rock on Em!!

Emma said...

Cheeky - No apology and somehow I think she still thinks it my fault...I suppose she needs some one to blame but tonight is the last night I hear her talk about me, if it's not sorted next week I will be having a word..xx

Si - I have had a good night tonight but no apology she is still twittering about me and undersestimating also..I will take it for so long but when I get pissed off stand back because it won't be pretty,xx

kingmagic said...

I have grown old and tired of letting others sort things so I tend to tell them to their saves time and misery in the long run.

Bad atmospheres can ruin a perfectly good Guinness drinking night!

Hope you have a good night out...without anybody stirring things up.

Will email you ref a band I went to x

Emma said...

KM - Yep I know I was just trying to keep the peace for Landlady's sake really, she got in the middle of it all, she is still not speaking to me though and I have already said if it continues next weekend I will say something...was worried about you not heard anything for a few days..xx

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, what a tangled web! Still, let's hope she has the good grace to apologise to you and put a stop to all of this nonesense!!

You take care of yourself babe...

LL x

Emma said...

LL - No apology was forthcoming she still didn't speak to me, her loss..xx

Anonymous said...

crikey, you don't have a simple life do you, lol, she is blinded by her own foolishness, its takes two to make a relationship, and them two couldn't, so she may need to look at herself? stupid cow.
Keep us updated, its exciting stuff x

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Urgh, this is why I'm avoiding any punters in the pub like the plague. It annoys the CRAP out of me when I'm included in gossip, when I had nothing to do with it in the first place!

Emma said...

Wayne - That's exactly what I will be saying to her Friday if it continues..xx

Vi - I try to keep out of it but for some reason they keep dragging me in....the funny part is the ones I have dabbled with no one knows about..xx