Monday, 14 January 2008

Asda have caught on at last!!

Parking fines, Asda have today launched £60 parking fines for anyone parking in disabled and parent and child spaces when they aren't entitled too.

Some of you will remember this post when the bloody woman in the Mercedes took no notice and parked in a disabled bay.

I hope all other areas which have disabled parking follow suit very quickly, because even though this has been announced today it hasn't come into force yet so just to be pedantic on my visit there on the way home I looked at how many had blue badges and out of the four parked there only one did, she when I went in the store I told the doorman and about five minutes later a tannoy came over asking people to move their cars.

It might seem a bit picky but there where loads of spaces in the car park, ok they might have to walk a few yards but I am sure it won't kill them.

Had a great day at work today, looks like the project has already been extended so fingers crossed that should be me too..


IT Barman said...

I'm with you on the disabled parking and child space parking, I hate it when people use them when they don't need it. I am a father but if my son isn't with me then I park near the end of the supermarket carpark, it means no one tries to park near me and no trolly/car door bangs (not a dig at your accident). I mentioned it to tescos once about the parent parking and they just shrugged their shoulders. Rant over

Emma said...

Lol IT the daft thing is I am always the one who parks as far away as possible when not with mum for the same reason as you...x

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

yep, it's about bloody time. I remember having my badge for tesco's mother and child for parking, and do you think I could ever park there? No! But it also annoys me when I see hundreds of disabled parking, and only a handful being used, when the rest of the car park is jammed. They need to sort the numbers out properly.

Anonymous said...

good comments, i didn't know so many disabled people could drive, when i first saw them spaces I thought they were having a convention, or there was a mass murder.
why don't they operate the disabled spaces during office hours, when we are at work, that way we can all park near the door?
Parent and child parking, yes, the bigger the car the more they park there, i remember taking my boys shopping, (don't like to take them) it seems that all the fat rich people park there massive 4x4's there. The staff don't do anything, the whole thing is rediculous. If your going to give the parking bays to people, then your staff should ensure that they are used for the right people only.
Do DIY stores have disabled parking?

EBEZP said...

Not being a huge fan of the Wal-Mart Corporation it does me good to see the British arm, ASDA, are addressing this nationwide issue.
If the others follow then it's a real victory even if they only see it as a major money making exercise!

Emma said...

Vi - I need to move to are never any round here..xx

Wayne - Yep! well B&Q have anyway..xx

Si - The money is going to childrens cancer charities as far as Asda are concerned..xx

Girl*Next*Door said...

The parking thing really winds me up, it's about time they started fining people as it is just laze! Some people NEED those spaces.

Read about the reason for lockdown, God if that had been me I'd have been very worried. It wouldn't be difficult at all for those who know me to work out who it is...! Should be more careful I suppose but then I think "why should I! It's my bit of space" :o)

Anonymous said...

Well, good on ASDA! Let's just hope that other major retailers now decide to follow suite!

It really bugs me when people have so little regard for everyone else. It's soooo blooming selfish!

Changing the subject, I am happy to hear that work is still going well for you and that you are enjoying it :-)

Have a great week babe!


LL xx

Emma said...

GND - Its pretty crazy really because the new tescos part of the St Stephens shopping centre has three rows of disabled spaces and I must admit they are nearly always empty..xx

LL - Thanks babe..xx

Anonymous said...

It’s all well and good this unfortunately the fines are not legal and no motorist is obliged to pay them. Since ASDA or anyone else would also be unable to obtain drivers information from the DVLA they wouldn’t be able to chase it up. The only way around it for them is to clamp cars and remove the clamp when the fine is paid.

People may not like this bit but I don’t agree with Child Parking Spaces, thinking back 25 years ago these didn’t exist and parents managed perfectly well to park in normal spaces and access there kids. I’ve heard excuses about it’s safer for the kids but if you are a responsible parent and you teach your children the green cross code then you shouldn’t experience problems.

@ Waynecoff, Disabled people who have blue badge are allowed to work as well you know! Not all of them live on benefits… I can name several colleagues three in wheelchairs who work full time but are entitled to use a disabled bay. Yes DIY stores have disabled parking bays…

Emma said...

Ally - I must admit the parent and child spaces are usually full of 4 x 4 and if it saves them banging my doors as the kids get out I

Anonymous said...

Emma, I didn't think of it like that! lol

Emma said...

Moose - As one who has her doors banged regularly I park as far away as possible, unless I have mum with me...that sounds quite