Thursday, 20 December 2007

OK I didn't get the job

I am not worried about it though, I knew there was a temp in place already and the likelihood of him getting the job permanently was very high and I got a call this afternoon telling I had interviewed very well but someone with more experience had been offered the position.

So I am assuming he got it, the interview was quite good though and it's all experience and when I got back to the office my boss said I didn't want to work there anyway and I was guaranteed my job for at least another three months and in that time he was sure something would come up if not in his department, another, so once again I go back to the things happen for a reason.

To be honest I am just starting to get into this role and I am really enjoying it, it kind of seemed a shame to leave just yet anyway.

The only problem with temping is I don't get holidays as such I only build up hours which can be taken as holiday, so next week I will only be working three days so will only get paid for 3 days, there is something to be said about permanent work.

I have still got another application in for one with a closing date first week in January so I will keep my fingers crossed for that one instead.


cheekyfaces said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get it Em, hope 2008 brings you a better year babe xx

Wild Catz said...

Sorry x

EBEZP said...

Oh Emma! Tough shit love!!

Miss Understood said...

I'm sure there'll be something on the horizon soon. Keep at it, Emma! x

Emma said...

Cheeky - Thanks, I am not unduly worried at this moment in time..xx

Catz - Thanks..xx

Si - Very eloquently put...xx

Miss - You never know what's round the corner..xx

A Lighter Life... said...

I would say "sorry" but it sounds as if you are more than happy to remain where you are for the time being. I'm sure that something suitable will turn up soon, Hun :-)

At least you have a positive frame of mind ;-)


LL x

Emma said...

LL - I am yes because it is great where I am now and my boss keeps telling me how great I great enough to keep on...xx

kingmagic said...

Sorry about your interview M.

But as you say, there must be a reason.

And you got good interview experience.

Have a cracking week end and mind the hang over.

Emma said...

KM - No hang over this morning stayed in last night and yes I believe everything happens for a reason..xx

Lady in red said...

hey Emma I have been temping for years and there are rules that you are entitled to holiday I think its about 20 days per year do have to accrue the days though its something like 1.5 days per month. you should check this out.