Saturday, 22 December 2007

Gall Stones

Ok, we don't need a gall balder apparently so why do we have one? I had my first bad experience on Thursday night at darts, stood up too quickly and got a really horrible pain just below my ribcage, it completely took my breath away and made my eyes water, it really wasn't pleasant at all. One of the women from the other team saw me and took me outside straight away and her first question was I take it you have gallstones.

I told her I had and she said she knew because she has them also, she had her first attack a year ago and still suffers regularly but they still haven't taken it out. I stood and cooled down for ten minutes and the pain started to get better, but it left me with a real sick feeling.

But we did win 5-4 so that made me feel a little

Yesterday afternoon I did just the same thing again, stood up to make a drink and bent double, one of the guys in the office ran over to me and sat me back down and asked the same question as the woman the night before, I am quite surprised about how many people have suffered with it or are still suffering with it.

So if we don't need the bloody thing why do we have it?.....arghhhhh.

I even felt that crap last night I didn't go out, now that is bad for me. I am really hoping and praying I don't have any more attacks over Christmas and I am also a little nervous of being on my own next time it happens.

The last twice I have had people around me and that scared me enough, I suppose I should be grateful I don't have kidney stones because they are twice as painful apparently.

At least with not going out last night I have been able to run Mum about today to get her pet food, meat and veg and pick her car up after having a new radio fitted.

The best news is she had a call from the pre assessment team on Thursday and they have put her on the short notice list and told her not to book any holidays so that sounds like we should have some movement on the hip front at least.

She is really struggling now and it's awful to see, but what infuriates me the most is the ignorant people who haven't just got five minutes while I hold the door open for her to get in the car, I had one today who told me to move out of the way arsehole, while she was getting in the passenger seat, I have to have the door wide open because she can't move very quickly to swing into the car. I just shut the door slightly and shook my head at him.

And while I am on my rant, please please don't park in a disabled parking space or on double yellow lines if your not disabled, this drives me round the twist and I have more and more battles with people who do every day.

Lovely lady in a Mercedes last weekend who pulled in a disabled parking space in front of us in Asda car park and yes it was the only one left, I got out of the car and asked her what part of her was disabled as she locked up and started walking off, no blue badge in view at all.

She looked right down her nose at me and asked me what business it was of mine, I am afraid I was rude but didn't swear just told her in no uncertain terms that having a Mercedes did not give her the ultimate right to park were she wanted and I had a very disabled mother in the car and she had taken the last parking space, no remorse whatsoever she just walked off.....arghhhh, my poor Mum was mortified sat in the car because she hates being what she calls a nuisance to anyone but I ended up parking the car and going in and doing her shopping on my own.

She hates that though because she feels like she is losing her independence and I am doing everything for her.

Well Strictly for me tonight and out at 9pm, what is Tess Daly wearing????


Anonymous said...

Have a look at and

A Lighter Life... said...

Awww, soooo sorry to hear about your bouts of pain with your gallstones. Having never suffered with them myself, I can only imagine how painful they must be :-(

Whilst still taking of health, it's great that your mum may finally get her long-awaited hip replacement. Fingers crossed that she isn't kept waiting too much longer...

Also, I cannot quite believe the rudeness you have experienced at the hands of other people. God. It really makes my blood boil. Why do people have to be so god-damn rude?


Aside from that, huge hugs to you babe!

LL xx

Emma said...

Anon - Thanks I have had a look but will have a better look tomorrow, thanks for visiting..xx

LL - I know it stinks, I don't know what get's into people, I am always polite, let people out if side streets, flash for buses to get out because that's the way I was brought up....too many people are dragged up nowadays that's where the problem lies..xx

EBEZP said...

Gaul stones is that a dislike of the French? Oh Gall stones, nasty!
You are falling apart Em!
Better than ever news about your Mum though.

Rudeness is a disease for which there is no cure!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on lack of patience; I had a run in with an ignorant sod in ASDA yesterday. He was behind my mum who was using one of the free scooters in the supermarket, she certainly can’t make it on foot now around the store has not been able to for sometime.

No one was letting her past with trolleys and she was just blocked, she reversed back slightly and touched this guys trolley who said something along the lines of “Don’t say sorry you old cow”…he didn’t know I was behind him! My mum didn’t hear him and turned around into an aisle and I told him “Don’t talk to her like that, if you where not so ignorant with that trolley she could move around”, with a few more words…

Grrrrrrrr there are some ignorant sods around and don’t get me started on disabled parking bays, although when I am with my mum or dad and there is none we use the family parking bays, since I am there child and I figure disabled people have more priority or someone with a pram!

Miss Understood said...

Ouch. That sounds nasty, Emma. I hope you manage to get through Christmas pain free.

Ignorant, rude people infuriate me. I'd have reported that woman to the store manager...surely they must have clamping or something in place? There's no point having disabled parking bays if there's no one around to enforce it. Glad to hear she's on the waiting list though...lets hope she doesn't have to wait too long.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas. x

Anonymous said...

hope your ok, sorry to hear about your pain, girls normally get that after sex with me, so i try not to push it in to far now, lol,
take care, have a great christmas x

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I hope you don't get that pain again! Have a great xmas cyber twin! *mwah*

Emma said...

Si - It' since I hit is falling off me..xx

Miss - If I hadn't been so annoyed in Asda car park I should have thought on and got the security guard from the store, apparently Asda are supposed to be one of the best for dishing out parking tickets for that offence..have a great Christmas Laney..xx

Lol at you Wayne - what are you like? Pain after sex for me is usually the cost of a taxi fare home a great Christmas Wayne hope Santa finds someone to burst your bubble..xx

Vi - Thanks cyber twin, had it again today though...xx

Lady in red said...

My Dr told me that 15% of people have gall stones and not to worry about them. They were inflamed when I was ill in the late spring but have not troubled me much since then.

I hope yours settle down too xx

I can sympathise with you about your mother. In the case of my mum she had a knee replacement in january and still isn't walking properly. It makes you think more about access to shops, banks etc, pavement surfaces are a problem too. she does now drive herself around again but can't walk far when she gets there.
Have a great xmas.