Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Apologies in advance

Thanks so much for all your wonderful support and advice, it would have been so easy for me to sink back into the depths over this but the best decision I made yesterday was to tell my blog friends because you have kept me upbeat even though I don't really feel I have a leg to stand on.

I have spoken to Acas this morning and to be honest they weren't that helpful, the advisor actually made me feel more guilty than I already felt by telling me it was a serious offence and one which I could be dismissed for.

I also spoke to my mum last night just before I went to bed and told her I couldn't go to sleep without telling her even though I felt so bad about it. She was great and even she couldn't understand how petty it was and also agreed that someone was obviously out to get me.

I have had a call this morning from one of the jobs I applied for last night and they are putting me forward for interview, so fingers crossed on that one.

The only problem I have is if I am found guilty of this and subsequently dismissed they have by law got to inform any future employers who request a reference.

I have sent my statement in today and it does implicate quite a few people so there is probably no going back, I know the people concerned will just lie their way out of it but at least I have put my side across. Thanks to PC SW for your definition of theft which I have used in it also.

I am going to see Landlady now because I need to be around people, I am painfully aware I have to keep my spirits up over this one no matter what...

Thanks again guys and gals once again you never fail to amaze me..sorry for the mixed up post it's just how my head is at the moment..xx


EBEZP said...

Emma, sorry that acas didn't seem to be helpful, with reference to references be open with your prospective employers. Tell them about why you are looking for another job and tell them to expect far from perfect references.
Your employers have to give a work reference and if you convince your prospective employers as to your suitability for a future post the reference will be fine.
What would be worse is that they find out after they take you on.

If ony other person has ever put an IOU in the tin and they dismiss you it is wrongful dismissal.

Emma so glad you've told your mum and we will all do our very best to keep your spirits up!

And if we can't he will!!

Emma said...

Aw thanks Si - your the best, it's the evidence of any other person doing it I am sadly lacking at the moment and I just no they will lie..xx

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

You did the right thing putting in the letter what PC said. Good luck with the interview!

Emma said...

Thanks Vi - I am not looking forward to it though.x

Girl*Next*Door said...

Good luck Em xox

I've just read your previous post & if anyone did that to me at work, believe me, I would not take kindly to it. Pisstaking cowbag. To set somebody up like that is a very vindictive thing to do. xxx

Emma said...

GND - That's what hurts the most to be honest, that another human being could do that to me..xx

cheekyfaces said...

Hugs***......Nil Confundem Nil Illigitemi...Something like 'don't let the bastards get you down' xxx

Miss Understood said...

I really can't believe how petty they are being Emma, all over £2.00. It's bloody ridiculous, and so unfair.

If I was interviewing somebody for a job, and they told me about it, I really wouldn't hold it against them.

You other option of course, is to get ANY job right now....working in the corner shop for instance over the christmas period... where they won't even ask for any references, and stick it out for a couple of weeks while you're still searching for a proper one. That way, you can use the shitty job as your previous employer, and get a really good 2nd reference from the job you had before this one.

What about the landlady of the pub? Can't she give you a few hours so you can use her as a reference?

Good luck. xx

Emma said...

Miss - It is a definite thought about just getting any job for the time being I must admit.

Landlady ironically enough has already mentioned that this afternoon..xx

Anonymous said...

Emma we are all thinking of you! I can't believe how petty the whole thing is.

Tell us who the other bitch is and we'll come round and sort her out for you! ;)

Keep smiling, have a drink and enjoy being with your friends.

Cat said...

Crikey, I just read your previous post and agree that you are being stitched up. We don't have petty cash at work, but I frequently borrow from whatever sweep we have running - we do them for things like Big Brother etc - and no-one bats an eye. Do you have a union at work - perhaps they can help? I hope everything works out okay.

Emma said...

Cheeky - I missed you before sorry and thanks I will try not to..xx

Cat - I have been very surprised by the people around me who have all said the same thing, my BF is a debt collector and she said tonight she uses other peoples money all the time. Admitedly she is the one that has to bank the right amount, but if she is at work and needs shopping she gets it. I am sure it's something most of us have done at some point or other..thanks for your support..xx

Emma said...

Ally - Now I have missed you too, don't worry when the dust settles I will be sorting this in my own little way..xx

Anonymous said...

good luck babe, you know we are all thinking of you, that horrible person will get there comeupence.
chin up, shoulders hi, slap that bunny bitch right in the eye,

Yuriko said...

I'm in charge of petty cash and there are three other staff members in my part of the office who knows where it's stashed... and where the key is. Unfortunately because of that.. or because of a lack of detailed paperwork, we've been $10 short for the last 3 months... we have since been hiding the key and moving it from time to time.. but it still doesn't negate the fact that we're short! So... we have to replace it... before the fiscal year end count :(

I hope you'll get your new job soon! And everything works out!

PC South West said...

My pleasure Emma. I have found that most companies are complete amatures when it comes to internal investigations. A colleague of mines wife is going through a similar company investigation for something she did not do and the company are breaking all the rules in the book.
Even if you have broken some petty company policy, make sure they are conducting their investigation by the book. If they aren't then make sure you use that in your favour.
I do hope I have helped and let me know if I can help further ;0)

PC South West said...
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