Sunday, 4 November 2007

Nothing much to report!

Nothing much to report really, went to Rugby and GB managed to win the series which was great on our own turf too, but for a stadium with over 20,000 people in there was no atmosphere whatsoever, kinda of wished I had stayed in pub, mind you it did save me from myself and the four pints I would no doubt of supped whilst watching it.

We got back to pub and last Saturday nights misdemeanor was in having just got in from work, I didn't say much just a little polite conversation. He left about an hour later and said he was having an early night, there was me thinking I had got off lightly until he walked back in at 10pm in his best shirt and trousers.....apparently for my

He got the message about 12am when he realised I wasn't biting so he ought to go home.

Portly chap came in not long afterwards but wasn't very well, he had had a kebab and it hadn't agreed with him, so we chatted for a bit and he went home.

Lol they where dropping like flies so I had my stint on the karaoke and danced for a bit then went to Casino for some food, which was bloody fantastic, fillet steak and Diane sauce.

We left at 4.30am totally stuffed and sober by then and also very much wide awake, I came home watched some telly and fell asleep about 6.30am, Holly then decided it was time to get up so by 8.30am I was out of bed again.

Landlady rang me at lunchtime and her lad brought me my car and I went back to pub, we went to our usual pub for Sunday Lunch and it was a real disappointment they had obviously run out of beef but instead of telling us they threw the scraps together and gave us that.

It really pisses me off when somewhere you know is good suddenly lets you down, will be giving that a miss for a couple of weeks from now on, all because they didn't suggest we had something else.

Mr T came in while we were there and bought is both a drink and Landlady went back to her pub and left me with him.

I stayed for 1/2 hour and went back to pick up my stuff from other pub and he followed me, he then proceeded to tell me how much he loves me again and how he can't keep away from me, I said that's ok because I have no problems keeping away from you so that's sorted.

He wanted to come home with me but I said no, I needed a nice hot bath and an early night after not much sleep last night.

So home I came on my own, aren't you proud of me??

On another note we are dressing up for Children In Need so if anyone has a naughty nurses outfit going spare, let me know..x


EBEZP said...

Yes proud of you Emma!
There's always next week!!

Miss Understood said...

I had roast beef on Sunday. It was scrummy!

A naughty nurse, eh? I bet that'll be a good weekend! x

Anonymous said...

ohhh, naughty nurse, don't,
post it, post it, post it. ....