Monday, 5 November 2007

Scan results

I have been for my scan this morning and got the shock of my life when they said I had gallstones, after she had asked me if I had had any of the symptoms connected with gallstones I realised I had.

I have suffered from IBS nearly all my life so when I get strange pains in my stomach and back I just put it down to that, but one of things I have had for the last few weeks is pain in my shoulders, headaches and upper back pain, usually after food.

Anyway I have booked an appointment at the GP's for Friday at their request as my results will be in by then.

I am really nervous about this because I have three friends who have all had the op and had complications one of which is still in hospital after six weeks so I am not looking forward to it.

They might be able to dissolve them with medication but the scan technician didn't seem hopeful because she said I had quite a large stone with four other small ones.

It's funny now that I have been told I have also realised I have felt sick for sometime too, my other worry is that I haven't been in my job long enough to get paid for being off sick so in my present financial state it will really knock me for six.

I have also just been told by Orange that they have failed to put my £100 credit on as promised so I have to pay the bill and they will credit it next month. Apparently I didn't tick the right boxes at the time, but I know I did.

Just going to ring the boss now and give him my good news, this could really badly affect my job as I won't be able to get things done in the time scale required now.

I might end up going back to work tomorrow and saving my holidays in case I have to have an op. We will see what he says..


EBEZP said...

I guess Emma it will make you feel marginally better knowing that it is gallstones, let's hope that the shrinking works, lots less fuss all round!
There are so many people been caught out these days with not being entitled to sickness pay no one should have to take holidays to have an op but it happens.
You need a sympathetic boss right now and a good prognosis from the gp and specialist.
You don't need this, thinking of you!

Do you need one of these right now Em?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit not something I am up on! I hope though you get sorted soon with it and you make a swift recovery. xx

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Oh dear, Emma,

You really don't need this right now. Do you?

Maybe you could discuss your concerns about going into hospital with your GP? If you DO have to go in for an op, maybe he/she could you some precautionary advice?

Anyway, let's hope that your boss will be sympathetic to your situation.

Thinking of you babe...


Emma said...

Aw Si - Thanks very much that was lovely..xx

Alison - I only know what others have told me and for a simple operation there are a lot of complications...fingers crossed though..xx

Lins - Thanks babe..xx

cheekyfaces said...

It could've been much worse news babe!!

Anonymous said...

glad its not me, mind you, the pain would be worth it, all those nurses, mmmm, do nurses wear boots? x

Lady in red said...

you just reminded me I need to see my GP. during my tests and scans in the late spring/summer I was told I had gall stones but my GP was not interested in them I think he was more worried about checking my cancer had not returned but as it hasnt i think hes forgotten me.
from time to time I have had heart burn which I am wondering if this is down to the gall stones.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Geez, what's in the air? Kidney stones/gallstones, etc. Hope it all works out for you babe. xx

Emma said...

Cheeky - Your not wrong there..xx

Lady - Kind of puts it into perspective when you look at it like that..xx

Wayne - Naughty nurses do..xx

Vi - Thanks I am sure it will..xx

Miss Understood said...

Oh, you poor thing.

If you can't get wages paid, you will be able to claim housing/council tax benefit and incapacity benefit. I know it's not the same, but it'll help. I hope the drugs do the trick though, and you don't need an op. x

Emma said...

Miss - I am sure it will be fine, I might not even need an op fingers crossed..xx

Lady in red said...

thanx Emma I made an appointment to see my GP next wed

Anonymous said...

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