Sunday, 25 November 2007

I will be glad when this week is over

Landlady came to me last week and told me her daughter had won the trip of a lifetime to China, because it was so last minute she was obviously worried about the pub and I said I was off so I would keep an eye on things for her.

I don't particularly want to have anything to do with the place other than a watering hole but because she had asked I said no problem.

Now she does have a problem with one of her staff, Shrek, who drinks too much and I did agree to keep an eye on him.

The regulars have been tormenting him all week and telling him I was the boss and the various comments that have come back to me are, she doesn't even work here how can she be the boss.

Now in my eyes this guy has something to hide otherwise he wouldn't feel threatened my me would he?

I haven't even thrown my weight about at all just gone along with the joke.

Last night I was settled in front of the telly and didn't really want to go out, but thought I had said I would keep an eye on things so went out about 9.30.

As I walked through the door of the pub I heard my name mentioned and Uncle Fester as I will call him said to me he's been stood here slagging you off for the last half hour it's a good job you walked in because I would have sorted him out before long.

The barmaid walked off embarrassed and I had to serve myself Shrek wouldn't serve me.

I let it go and said to the lads what goes around comes around and left it.

It was quiet in there and the lads where going for a walkabout and asked me to go with them, now under normal circumstances I wouldn't have gone but thought I wasn't going to stay somewhere I wasn't wanted.

So I went walkabout with them and had a really good night, the rest of the regs came in and I told them what had happened.

We went back to Landlady's about 11.30 and it had got quite busy, there was a birthday party going on and I went to get some food, as I was stood at the buffet table, window man and his wife and daughter where rowing about his daughter going into town, his daughter asked me what I thought and window man told me to fuck off out of it it was nothing to do with me, I apologised and walked away.

By this time I had had enough and gas man was going home and offered me a lift so I left and was home by 12.30.

My dilemma now is do I tell Landlady or do I just let it drop? I kind of think if I don't tell her then the regs and gas man for definite will tell her.

I am working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night and I follow shrek on all three nights so it could be interesting.


EBEZP said...

My guess is that landlady well knows that there would be a problem with Shrek but maybe not how much of a problem. I would mention it in passing to her not making too much of it she will check then with the regulars what it is all about. Don't rise to his bait it is him with the problem!
Meanwhile just try and enjoy yourself hey?

cheekyfaces said...

Absolutely what Si says..

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

You betcha she'll hear through the regs, they are th biggest gossipers!

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Yeah, I agree with what everyone else has said thus far. The regulars will be breaking their next to give landlady the goss so you get in there first! LOL.

Try not to let it get on top of you babe. You are worth sooooo much more :-D



Emma said...

Si/Cheeky - I am going to let the regs do the talking..xx

Vi - Arn't they just?? xx

Lins - I probably took it a bit more to heart then I would have normally, it was the end of a pretty strange week..xx

Miss Understood said...

I'd let her know what's been going on...after all, she trusted you to keep an eye on things, she's your friend, and your loyalty lies with her, not Shrek.

Having said all of that, don't let it get to you. He's just got his nose out of joint because he's basically been told in no uncertain terms that she doesn't trust him!

Emma said...

Miss - She has texted me today asking if I am ok for tonight, so it looks like the jungle drums have started beating already..xx