Monday, 26 November 2007

In Limbo

Only a short post today to let you know I have no idea whether my boss has accepted by retraction or not, it's looking very unlikely to be honest because they have apparently just advised the staff the business is up for sale today.

I tried to speak to him earlier but he has been in meetings all day and his PA said he was sending me a letter in tonight's post, so like I say in limbo at the moment.

Ex boss is making enquiries for me again tomorrow and the woman at the agency I have been dealing with is back tomorrow so fingers crossed something might come up.

Had a text from Landlady today asking me if I am still ok for tonight so I can only assume the jungle drums have been beating already. I take over from Shrek at 7pm tonight, I have seen him briefly today when I picked the car up, he let me walk all the way out the back before telling me my car was parked on the road....arghhh...I just smiled sweetly and said thanks and told him I would see him later.


EBEZP said...

Yep it looks like tomorrow could be quite a day for you Emma and I don't think Shrek will be a problem tonight!

Emma said...

Si - Shrek was a is the big day yes...xx

Too Fat To Fly... said...

It's awful being kept in limbo. I really hope that you hear some news soon!

Have a good week babe....