Tuesday, 30 October 2007

FMB's and PMA

Sorry to disappoint you Wayne but I have shown a little bit of leg, not quite as descriptive as you maybe would have liked.

These are the beasts that have been my downfall twice now, quite literally, you may not think they are very high, but for someone who spends her life in flip flops believe you me they are.

I am getting more used to staying upright in them now and I danced my feet off on Saturday night so they can't be that bad.

They are staying in the wardrobe this weekend though not risking them on a night out away from the safe haven of the local. At least if I am in there I can take them off...lol....

Now for the PMA, I have received my review back today and I am actually quite pleased I have come out of it with 2 out of 4 overall with a lot of scope for the future.

I have come up with a lot of ideas over the weekend and I have now set them down as objectives to complete by the end of November, I have emailed them to boss tonight so hopefully he will see I can be proactive.

I do want to succeed at this for me, but also for the fact that three people have already tried and failed in recent years, I need to prove to myself and the rest of the business we are an area to be proud of with lots of scope to move forward.

After spending the weekend at work in my head I can now see things a lot clearer and am ready to take on the challenges I have been given.

Mr Married gave me a lot of confidence on Sunday night he is a real breath of fresh air that one and he always thinks the best of me, which is a great boost in it's self.

I told him all about my indiscretion on Saturday night, like I tell him most things and he gave me a stern talking to about me needing approval all the time and needing to feel attractive, he did also say that one night stands don't really make you feel attractive or needed because for most men it's any port in a storm....in the nicest possible way of course.

He has told me I need to say no more often and walk away without being too much of a tease.

I am a natural flirt though, I always have been, I even do it at work talking to customers if I think they will be more receptive to the fact we have cocked up.

I don't often regret anything I do and in all honesty I don't regret Saturday night, but it is one I am in no hurry to repeat, he has plagued the life out of me since and I am going to end up being damn right rude to him before the weeks out.

I told him from the off not to expect anything from me, but he has been sending me text messages and ringing me since Sunday afternoon.

I promise to behave this weekend because apart from anything else I am going out in the Tony and Mr A area so I will need to be on my guard for those two.


Anonymous said...

love the boots, mmm, do i get them as well, lol xx

Emma said...

Wayne - Sorry I didn't think you could handle the stockings too..xx

Miss Understood said...

Great boots, Emma! And I'm, so glad you're up for the challenge at work. Best of luck with it all.

I think as women, we all like to feel wanted, needed and attractive. We're all seeking that special someone who makes US feel special. One night stands can work temporarily, but the feeling rarely lasts ... especially when the majority of the time the men only care about what they're getting out of the deal, and not much more. It usually gets thrown back in our faces at some point in the future, anyway.

You should try HNT! It's an opportunity to dress up every week, get creative, and then sit and wait for the comments to come in. It can be a real boost when you're feeling down and it'll make you feel like a million dollars...all from the safety of your front room :)

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

My boots are higher, but chunkier, which makes them a little bit easier to walk in (just).

Okay girl, lets see if we can BOTH behave this weekend! lol

JsTzznU said...

Come on Vi.. You behave hahahahahah besides WHY???? OH and Emma wicked hot boots there =) JsT add stockings and I'd be drooling.. but then again, I'm easy lol

EBEZP said...

The boots are great Emma but the consensus seems to be for the stockings as well.....Dare you!!

Well done you on your PMA showing you want to succeed will show the boss what you are all about! Then when you do just think what it will do to your confidence!! Woo!

Happy Halloween btw Emma!

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Great boots, Emma....

Though I think I'd have problems manoeuvring around in them too. Anything other than flats, and I am buggered, LOL.

As for the PMA, well done you! At least you are showing some initiative. I hope everything turns out as you want it too!

Have a spooktacular Hallowe'en hun...


Emma said...

Miss - Good suggestion there I might just try that..xx

Jst & Si - Might try the stockings for youfor HNT..xx

Lins - I am crap at keeping upright in them anyway..xx

EBEZP said...

I'm posting our secret vid on Saturday *nudge* *nudge* looking forward to the HNT....soon please!!!!

EBEZP said...

It's there Em, but I told you not to tell anyone, there's 70,000 people there already!!
Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i wont to lick your boots, mmmm