Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Too much of a Good Thing!

Oh well looks like all my partying has finally caught up with me, been laid up for two days with backache and decided this morning I better go to doctors, so here I am now sat here with backache and stomach ache and a uti to boot.

I would like to think it really isn't too much lager but other than sex I can't see what else has caused it.

At least he only gave me a three day course of strong antibiotics so I should be clear by weekend.

Anyway update on the man front and you won't believe I have met yet another one, where are they all coming from? I will be giving Vi a run for her money at this rate, as usual though there are complications this lastest one has had a FB for the last two years and she is very much in love with him, he wants to end it but she is putting major pressure on him, I am just sat in the background waiting to see what happens. He is another one I have known for quite a long time but funnily enough never saw him in that light when I knew him before.

Mr M is getting very possessive too and also paranoid, or is he? He is probably right really asking me last night what was going on, it would be great if I could just say well actually I want sex with someone else.

That's crap though I shouldn't even be thinking that but I am, it's feckin freezing here today I can't believe I am nearly putting the heating on, oops I do that when I am talking too just switch off and talk about something completely diferent.

Anyway Mr T we will call the new one is even better at the bit Mr M is good at, I am such a tart, no wonder I have a uti, it was worth it though.

So what do I do about Mr M he is so nice I feel really shit but somehow not guilty and I should feel guilty if I thought anything of him.

I never used to be like this I used to fall real quickly but now as Mr T says I push everybody away he says he can't read me at all but that's because I haven't let the barriers down and I am not about too either.

As soon as I look at any of the men I have been with in the last four months I see what the widdower did to me and run a mile. Will I ever relax enough to enjoy what someone else has to offer.

I was having a conversation with Mr T the other night about sex and making love and how they are two different things, I now know how men can do it and not have any emotions with it, it is just a means to an end and I would never have agreed or even contemplated saying that a few months ago.

I am so hardened now it will take a real tough nut to crack me this time if at all. If I am honest I am not sure I want it to be cracked things are pretty good as they are just hope it doesn't all come out on top then I will run for the hills.


Evening said...

My goodness, you certainly have your pick of men, Emma. They are drawn to you like a moth to the flame.
Feel better soon.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Yep, uti is common from too much sex, lol!

And yep, you are giving me a run for my money! But saying that, no more sex for me until I see Hunk in four weeks time!

Emma said...

Thanks evening, and yes I have never known anything like it...xx

Vi - I have seen your poll, I will watch with interest..xx

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Hi there, lovely!

Thanks for your comment on my blog - long time, no hear :-)

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling pretty lousy at the moment what with backache, stomach ache AND a uti. Poor you!

As for the weather, it's turned pretty chilly here too! We *almost* put the heating on yesterday. Brrrrr....

Anyway, I hope you'll be feeling 100% soon, hun.