Friday, 24 August 2007

Even the nights are better!

What a mad week it has been, after finally deciding the only option I had was to declare myself bankrupt last weekend I spent all Sunday afternoon filling in forms which I have no clue how to answer and ended up in quite an emotional state by Sunday evening.

On Monday I told friends and family who were very supportive and wondered why I hadn't done it sooner. Kind of thinking the same myself really but I am not going to be in a position to do it until the end of September. It does still cost me to do it and with no disposable income I have to look towards a weeks lieu time owed to me by work which my boss has agreed to pay next month.

On the work note it is really mad and I just don't seem to be achieving anything at the moment we are so understaffed but I can't see me getting the budget any day soon for more staff, according to my budget I am there or thereabouts. This I must admit is with me in the picture also but at the moment all I seem to do is get pulled from one meeting to another without actually achieving anything.

When our new boss started he assured us all we wouldn't be forever in meetings because he doesn't like them, well I would hate to have a boss who does like meeting thats all I can say.

Looking at my calendar for the next year I am in at least one if not two a day, this is really not helping my staff because they are not getting the support they so obviously need from me, I am also getting pulled from one department to another and in all honesty my own department is suffering greatly because of it.

On an interesting note I got a call from my ex boss who has moved elsewhere in the company and she offered me a job two grades up from the one I left.

It's great that you have to leave to be appreciated but I will be keeping it on the back burner for a couple of days at least.

When I decided to declare myself bankrupt I was looking at losing my car and having to buy a cheaper one. Even though most of the people I have spoken to seem to think the car will be fine because I need it to get to work.

I had a very long chat with my sis the other night and she and her hubby had to do the same at the beginning of the year because her business failed, they went for about 5 x times more than me too so she was the right person to talk to.

Her Hubby was allowed to keep his car and it's worth more than mine, however today I went to have a look at cheaper cars and even went for a test drive in one which was very nice, so afterwards I thought best get mine valeted and put up for sale, so off I went to mum's, she has all the kit and the space to valet it, I spent nearly three hours on it cleaning it inside and out, polishing all the interior, the windows, sprucing up the alloys and t-cutting various scratches that inconsiderate people have chosen to put in it (Without my knowledge obviously).

After I had finished she looked the dogs bollocks so now of course I don't want to part with her because she is beautiful and I have taken her for granted not keeping on top of cleaning her.

I have had her from 6 months old and I am now going to fight tooth and nail to keep her.

Ok, ok it's only a car but it has been negleted of late and she still drives like a dream, so I am sat here with the curtains open just so I can admire

You are probably now sat there wondering what the title is about? Well after years of not sleeping well at all I have finally mastered it, fingers crossed, I now make sure I chill down for at least two hours before bed, this can either be watching a film, listening to music or having a bath.

Last night I stayed at Tony's and apparently he got up twice during the night cos he couldn't sleep and I don't remember a thing. The problem I have now is I have had my bath I am sat here listening to music and now I want to sleep, but no I had to volunteer to pick him up later because he is out with the lads......oh well no rest for the wicked eh???


EBEZP said...

What a good upbeat post Emma!
Nice one. You're begining to put ticks in the boxes of things starting to be improving!
Especially the sleep that's great!

But fancy volunteering to go out in your current pride and joy and disturbing your chill session, something went wrong there didn't it?

Evening said...

I am glad things seem to be going better.
And glad you are getting a good nights sleep.

Anonymous said...

Yes you should be ok to keep the car especially as you use it to get to work... essential items they cannot take. I worried they would take everything I owned in the end I didn't lose anything except my bank account which was closed...

Not sure if you looked into that, but there are some bank accounts out there you can still open if you have declared bankrupt, I used to CO-OP and was still allowed the use of a debit card with them! I think the Royal Bank of Scotland have accounts you can open with them as well. The official receiver should give you an upto date list.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Oh, you've just reminded me I've got to go clean my car out before I head out for the day!

And maybe you are sleeping better because you've got a body next to you?

Journey said...

Si - Things are getting better and I am considering going back to the old place, it is a lot more money for a start. Didn't end up picking himself up started on the bacardi

Evening - All we need is things to be really good for you again too..xx

Alison - Thanks, I have already sorted the bank account side out, Mum has an account which I have been using as a savings account so I will just use that for now..xx

Vi - Only had a body next to me once this

Journey said...

Vi - Thats if you don't include the cat who I nearly squashed last night rolling over....x

Miss Understood said...

OOh, I do like positive posts! That's great news about the job's nice to feel wanted, isn't it? LoL.

With a regular sleeping pattern, things can only get even better for you!