Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Ok it's happened!! Oh and KT's flipflops....lol

The ex has got himself a new girlfriend, well apparently not very new it's been going on for about a month, so here is me asking myself what has she got that I haven't? Ok I know but suddenly he is now ready to move on.

I am alright about it though, I think, not sure how the two weekends away will be now but I have to be brave and understand that it was not meant to be.

Even though it does hurt a little I have come so far in the last few months, I am so determined I am not going to slip back even a little bit.

Had a busy weekend, can't remember the last time I went out three nights on the trot, Friday night was just a casual night with no beer, but we still had a laugh, Saturday night turned out into a drinking night even though it wasn't intended, but we had some interesting totty around so had a lovely night flirting with him, but then the night kind of turned around and I ended up in bed with a long time ex.......ok.......dirty minds......nothing happened and he was gutted, he said he had never shared a bed with a woman before and not even touched....lol...that was the deal with him staying. He got thrown out at 8am and I went back to my lovely king size bed on my own.....blisssss..

Sunday night, I didn't intend to go out until KT rang telling me she was picking me up, now what usually happens here is she has a couple then wants more so the car gets left at the pub, no change there then.

I didn't have too much and we had a real laugh especially when we both got tackled by her (not allowed to call b/f) but him anyway and I landed with my back to the opening door, legs and arse in the air and couldn't get up for laughing.

KT decided to get her own back and ended up in the middle of the road trying to kill them both......she got tackled again and her flipflops came off, now KT has been in these bloody flip flops since we went to France last year and I finally thought we where going to see the end of them when not b/f took one and threw it and it landed on the roof.......I really don't know how he managed it but it was bloody funny all the same, a couple of minutes later my taxi arrived so I left them to it trying to retrieve the flip flop, I got this pic about 20 minutes later after someone had climbed on the roof and retrieved the bloody thing.

So much for the end of the flip flops......


EBEZP said...

So all in all a good weekend...Nice one Emma! Shame you can't get rid of the flip flops though they do seem a source of laughter. Laughter is good!
Weekends like that will help you put the past where it belongs - behind you.

Miss Understood said...

It's awful when your ex gets someone new, isn't it? Suddenly you start being really critical of yourself and loking in the bloody mirror! It'll get easier though. x

Cute flipflops! Glad you had a good weekend :)

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Miss U said it for me. Don't worry about it if you do get a little down, you wouldn't be human if you didn't!

Sounds like a fab weekend!

Emma said...

KT will kill me when she see's her feet on my blog, but it was a brill weekend...

I suppose the ex thing was always gonna happen but I can live with now....xx

TooFatToFly said...

Hi Emma,

Sounds like a fun weekend by all accounts ;-)

A few more fun nights out *should* help you to put your ex to the back of your mind!

Hope the rest of the week will be a good one for you...


Lins xx

PS: Cute feet! Cute flip flops! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh I bought some flipflops today.... I much needed accessory for the beach in Sweden!

CSG said...

I can't drink at this moment, so I smoke! I'm looking forward for a weekend like yours, although I never go out on Sundays. If I start the week already sleepy, then I will never recover!

Emma said...

Lol csg tell me about it, it's only Tuesday and I am knackered, mind you just finished a 12 hour shift off with the weeks shopping, so could so I was a glutton for punishment...xx

Alison - I love flip flops I have about 10 pairs, even dressy ones...xx

KT said...

Hmm... Excuse me.... I don't know what you mean... Those flip-flops were new from Asda a couple of weeks ago.... ;-)

Cracking night mate and it got even funnier when we tried to get them down off the roof... But revenge is sweet... And he isn't my boyf mate no matter what he says hahaha x