Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sulking! and Reality

I have spent the whole of last week sulking, because I couldn't afford to go to France to watch rugby as I have done for the last two years.

When the fixtures came out I realised something had to give this year because the weekend trips are all pretty close together and with me temping I just couldn't save enough money to go to all of them, I am still going to Cardiff and London in May though.

But France is just such a fantastic weekend and a lot of my friends have gone so I have had numerous text messages and photos telling me how good it is. But it hasn't all been so bad really, a couple of the local pubs managed to show the game through some thing dodgy on a sky box I believe so even though we had tickets and the game didn't kick off until 6.30pm we got there at 2pm to get our seats, good idea too as it was packed to the rafters inside and out by 6pm.

I tried to spell myself throughout the day and when most of them went home at 10pm I had to go on somewhere else, so this morning I feel like I have been hit like a train, but the advantage is I don't have to sit on a bus to the airport or a plane home I can just lay in bed all day and

Now for the reality bit while I have been sulking trivially all week my sister has slowly been losing her sight, she started with blared vision last week and it has gradually got worse through the week, it took me three days to convince her it maybe related to her MS even though she tried to deny it.

I can understand why she is denying it because I am sure I would too but she is going to see the Neurosurgeon tomorrow and has some scans booked for Wednesday. Her doctor put her on strong steroids on Friday so hopefully things are getting a bit better.

I think her main worry is not being able to drive because at the moment they live in quite a remote area and my brother in law works away in Scotland so she has to drive to get anywhere so this is going to cause a major problem.

My main concern is because she has denied this for so long she has put herself at more risk then she should, the kids don't know anything about it and neither do any of her friends.

So putting some perspective on my sulking at least when I have sobered up sufficiently today I can jump in the car and go and do my weekly shop and that's one thing all the money in the world can't buy for sister at the moment.


Lady in red said...

if it is any comfort (I think I told you my mum has MS) after my dad died (1995) my mum had problems with her vision she got blurred sight, then it became like she was looking at the world through a piece of jigsaw. she could only see through a small section. She was so frustrated at apart from not being able to drive but she couldn't do any of her other pleasures, needlepoint, TV or reading. She was just stuck at home on her own unable to do much more than just sit there. I went every day to visit her just to talk. I took her to the neuro dept at hospital for various tests and scans. eventually her sight came back and she has been able to continue a near normal life since. Looking back it seems to be for ever at the time but was probably a matter of weeks maybe a couple of months in total.
We believe that her eye sight problem was due to stress exascerbating her MS. It does tend to be either excessive stress or tiredness that bring on her 'episodes'.

Perhaps you could cheer your sister up just by chatting to her (giving her something else to think about)
hugs to you all

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your sister, I hope it turns out to be just temporary issues with her sight. BG x

Emma said...

LiR - Thanks for your support and for making it feel a little better, I have a friend who has MS also and they actually found his when his sight went funny so I knew straight away when it started with Sis but she has spent the last week saying it wasn't related, hopefully now she has accepted it, hard though it is....xx

Bendy - Thanks and I an sure it is..xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,

I am sorry to hear about your sister :-( Bless her, I bet deep down, she knew that it was to do with her MS, but was in denial about it...

I really hope that her trip to see the Neurosurgeon tomorrow (and the scans booked for Wednesday)will shed some light, and that something will be done to halt the process.

I wish her all the best babe!


Lins x

(Sorry, I never know the right thing to say in these situations!)

Miss Understood said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your sister...she must be terrified at the moment. You ae so right - money can't buy any of those things we take for granted every day.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her that everything will be ok and that it's just a temporary thing. Big hugs. x

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Wow your poor sis! It would be so scary to lose your vision! I hope she is gonna be ok *hugs* xx

Vi said...

It's definitely caused by the MS. The only reason why I know, is Susan from Neighbours has just recently been diagnosed with MS after she lost her sight! LOL! But it came back, so I'm sure your sisters will as well.

kingmagic said...

Hope your sister gets well soon.

Km x

Emma said...

Lins - No babe I have the same problem because she shuts herself down and won't let anyone close..xx

Miss - It is so true about the money thing..xx

VBF - thanks darl..xx

Vi - Yes I think I know what you was on Neighbours so it must be true..xx

Km - Thanks I hope so too..xx


Hi Emnma, I have linked to you!


Lady in red said...

how did your sister get on ?

Emma said...

RG - thanks for that..xx

LiR - See above, you prompted me..xx