Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Strange Not Working

It's strange not being at work, I miss the people and I do actually quite miss the job too, it's ok being able to sleep in every now and again and not have the commitment to an employer, but it's even stranger having to find things to do to use up my day without it costing me much money in the process.

I applied for Job Seekers allowance online the other day and they rang me this morning to confirm all my details and put my claim in place. I have an interview with a job consultant on Friday at 9am.

For god sake the one night I am going out is Thursday for my friends 30th birthday party, oh well if I have to get the bus after a night drinking it will be no great shakes.

I have also applied for another two jobs today one of which I used to deal with through my last job, the closing date is Friday and I have rung the woman who is interviewing who I also know and she seemed pleased I had applied for it, so fingers crossed.

I got a call from one of the agencies this afternoon with another job which is temporary but they are also looking to make it permanent so I have applied for that also.

Went and got Landlady some lunch because she is stuck in the pub all day today and tonight, she also needed some bits and pieces for supper tonight.

I might have said before that she has really suffered since the floods business wise and I feel so sorry for her because she has debts coming out of her ears and is fighting continually to keep on top of things.

She got back from China last Thursday and she has worked continually ever since, so she is knackered to say the least.

I offered to give her a couple of hours off but she said if she sat down she would fall asleep so she was better staying stood up, I did even offer to do tonight for her but no she was fine.

So tonight I am staying in and taking her shopping in the morning, BF is due shortly so I am looking forward to seeing her.

I had a long chat with one of the women from old work this morning, she told me she has been keeping notes of all the goings on since she started and if I want to use them for my benefit then I can, she is not worried about repercussions. We will see, but the lady from Job Seekers this morning did ask me why I had left and when I told her she asked if their was anyway I could raise a grievance or even go for constructive dismissal, obviously she is not legal trained but she seemed to think I would have some sort of case.

I have said before I am not vindictive but shortly I am going to run out of money and without the chance of getting any benefits because I left my job I might have to weigh up the options.


EBEZP said...

I bet it's really strange not working, but you seem to be busy just trying to get money for yourself and this time of the year its so vital isn't it?
How are things on the job front?

Emma I'm sure it'll turn out all right, you've got the spirit to make it happen!

ALighterLife said...

Yeah, it's going to be strange for you having no job to go to at the moment. It's understandable to hear how you are missing the interaction with others...

Good luck with your Job Seekers allowance claim on Friday.

Also, good luck with your job interview that you have lined-up. It all sounds pretty darn positive so far hun. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you on ALL counts ;-)

You are a gorgeous, gorgeous lady and I am certain that everything will turn out well for you in the end...

HUGE {{{hugs}}}

LL xx

Emma said...

Si - Thanks again, spirit is something I have never been short off thankfully and I don't mean Barcardi....xx

Lins - What a lovely thing to say, love you to bits babe..xx

cheekyfaces said...

Chin up Em..Good luck with the job seekers!

Evening said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you find a job you will love soon.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

for some reason, your posts aren't showing up on my bloglines (seems a few of this is happening on other blogs!)

Anyways, I spoke to Lady, and I've done a post for her.

Emma said...

Cheeky - Not used to this at all, just got a council tax demand this morning too...arghh...x

Evening - I am keeping everything crossed at the moment and also trying my best to keep my spirits up..xx

Vi - Fancy losing me!! I have left a suitable comment on Lady's blog..lol..xx

kiwigirl said...

Good luck with the job interviews -


xxxx K

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Hello, I've come here via Purpleplus, I think the petition you've started is an excellent idea, you go girl!
Sorry to hear about your job troubles, I hope it all goes well on friday, but you sound so well sorted I'm sure you won't need it as you'll have a job very soon! I'll be back to find out how you get on, Bendy Girl

Emma said...

Kiwigirl - Thanks babe..xx

Bendy - Welcome and thanks for popping by, I am out tonight but I will catch up with your blog over the weekend...xx