Saturday, 29 December 2007

More positive post!!

Sorry guys and gals for the feeling sorry for myself post, I just felt so crap, it's always the same when I relax, the last time I had a stinking cold was the beginning of November when I had a weeks holiday from my last job it seems to happen to me every time.

I am still very stuffed up and barking like a dog but I feel a lot better today though just warming through after standing in the gale force wind watching amateur rugby, but it was worth it because my home village team won the local derby. I did get well wrapped though in hat scarf and gloves and when we arrived the lads where taking the piss out of me because of what I looked like, I don't give a stuff I am not going to a fashion parade I am going to stand and watch 80 mins of rugby in December with a wind chill factor of about -12...

The laugh was on the other side of their faces by half time when they where all nithered and I was snug and warm.

On another note I had a really good day at work yesterday and I am hoping the future looks promising, my boss has got me involved in a large project which is running for the next three years so I kind of think he wouldn't have done that if I wasn't going to be there to see it through, well fingers crossed anyway.

If nothing else this job has done wonders for my confidence because I am now doing all the things my old boss wanted me to do off my own back and impressing everyone around me, because of the way old boss put it to me as objectives and also set the clock running with a ridiculous timescale I panicked and thought I couldn't do it, but I can and I have already proved it to my new boss.

A daren't get too excited but we had a meeting about resourcing for the project yesterday and it looks like their are going to be four new positions created and they say you have to be in it to win it don't they?

Had a good night in pub last night it was fairly quiet but the crowd that where in where a good one and I also managed to chat to Miss I last night too, I didn't mention anything about Mr N but she was confiding in me about him and about how insecure she is about everything, her biggest problem is she is completely ruled by Mrs K and what Mrs K does and says so feels she doesn't have her own mind to make decisions anymore, but she left Mrs K in another pub last night to come to us and Mrs K asked her to order the drinks which she did and Mrs K never even had the decency to turn up, Miss I was understandably upset by this as well as being out of pocket.

She is a really lovely woman and I feel for her so we had quite a long chat last night and I told her about my depression and subsequent counselling and advised her maybe she should consider it too, she also told me she suffers from bulimia and all this is down to trying to look like Mrs K, now from this you would think Mrs K was a stunner, but believe me other than being slim with a good pair of tits, which by the way Mr K paid for, she is far from being a stunner, Miss I is far better looking and a much nicer person with it.

So my new year mission is to get her away from Mrs K for once and for all so she can start living her life like she should.

I did also manage a chat with Mr N and told him he had to make her understand that nothing is going on because even though she has someone else I still don't want to hurt her.

Her partner is lovely also though he is just set in his ways and I think she has fallen out of love with him but hasn't got the heart to tell him, he just appears to be happy having her around when he can and switches himself off to what goes on around him, bit sad really but I can't believe for one minute he doesn't know about her and Mr N, I think he just accepts it.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to apologise for anything hun. Blimmey, 98% of my posts are of me whinging and feeling sorry for myself, LOL.

Anyway, how are you feeling today, hun? I am glad to hear that you wrapped yourself up well in a hat and scarf for the rugby match. You don't want to get any worse with that nasty cold of yours...

Also, I am soooo glad to hear that you had a "really good day at work". From what you have said, your future there certainly sounds promising. I shall indeed keep my fingers crossed for you ;-)

It sounds as if you have really found your niche!

Look after yourself babe....


LL x

Emma said...

LL - I do hope so, I just daren't wish for too much, have a good new year babe..xx

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

sorry your xmas was so shit. But the job sounds like the new year will be more promising! Happy new year hon!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Like Vi says, it all sounds really promising, and definitely no need to apologise! Happy New Year, BG x

Lady in red said...

lol I used to ge laughed at for wearing snow boots to football but I was the one with warm feet lol

it sounds like you are well in with this job....looks like it could be going the same way mins has. If they know you and how you work it is always an advantage over other applicants when a new position is available. It worked for me so Im sure it will for you.

heres hoping 2008 will be better for all of us.

Miss Understood said...

Just popped in to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lets hope next year brings us all nothing but smiles :) xx

Emma said...

Vi - Hope you have a great new year and your heating problems get sorted

Bendy - Thanks and Happy New Year to you too..xx

Lady - I really hope your are right, Happy New Year..xx

Miss - We can but hope...Happy New year ..xx