Monday, 19 November 2007

Bring Madeleine Home

I have probably been as guilty as most of us at some point over Madeleine and her parents, yes in the beginning I was even one of those who said they where too refined and scripted when they spoke, I also criticised the the fact that they had left their beautiful daughter alone in bed that night while they ate a meal.

I have also been one of the one's that said if she had come from a council estate they would have been called scum.

But at the end of the day the one thing all of the above takes away is that this little girl is still missing and to think that all of the above has somewhat clouded the search for her because all everyone including the press have done is continually criticise her parents and drag up whatever crap they can on their personal lives.

We all need to put our own personal feelings away and stop looking to blame Kate and Gerry and continue the search for this little girl.

She hasn't asked for any of this and she is the most important part of the investigation, not whether her parents show no feelings to camera and shouldn't have left their daughter alone.
We have all let too much shadow the importance of finding her.

Yes I am just as guilty as the next person but none of the above matters when they find Madeleine.


Wild Catz said...

I hope that they bring her home and that those that have been holding her have been kind x x x x

Anonymous said...

well said honey, its so sad, if it was one of mine, I would be distraught, I don't think I could cope with it.

Emma said...

W Cat - Yes me too, it kind of brought it back in to the public eye last night ..xx

Wayne - It really doesn't bear thinking about and unfortunately because it turns out so many times to involve the family or family members it makes us more sceptical..xx

Joe90 said...

I admit I haven't been following it, but to be honest, if she isn't dead by now, the trauma she has been subjected to will be substantial.

Let's hope that the people or person who have her, are swiftly brought to justice, and the punishment is fitting of the crime, no matter who they are.

Emma said...

Joe - It just doesn't bear thinking about does it?..xx