Sunday, 14 October 2007

Ok I Didn't stay in!

At about 5pm I got a text from a number I didn't recognise on my old phone, I searched all my saved numbers and couldn't find out who it was, so I texted back from my PAYG phone and found out it was a guy I have seen on and off over the last ten years asking me if I fancied a night in.....:)

I had already agreed to go to pub to watch the rugby so I texted him back cheekily and said he could pick me up later on.

I got to pub for about 6ish, parked the car up and had already decided I was in a drinking mood, so sat and watched the rugby, get in Leeds.....Saints have won far too much it only seemed fair that someone else should win it for a change.

After the GF the Onion came on, now I don't go much for the kick and clap game so didn't really watch much of it, I was pleased that England won though....King and country and all that.

About 10pm Portly Chap came in briefly to have a word with one of the lads and told me he would be back soon, ok time for me to make my exit, I had another couple of pints and texted G and asked if he wanted to pick me up.

He picked me up at 11pm and we went back to his house, him sober, me bordering on not to add too finer details we had amazing sex for an hour then apparently I rolled over and went to told you I was a man in disguise.

So after another round this morning I am home now having just had a salt water bath to recover from the vigorous sex, I don't know why I am so horny all the time but even had to have a dabble with the shower spray just to prove there was another one in there....and there was thankfully.

I am now sat in that state of feeling the twitches of last night and grinning like a Cheshire cat, to think the first time I slept with this guy ten years ago he was one of the crappest shags I have ever had, he has now turned into one of the best.

I probably won't see him again for another six weeks or so but it will be worth the wait..

I am also supposed to be meeting Mr T today after lunch but that one might have to go out of the at a time please...

I did forget to say though that I got a text from Portly Chap at midnight asking me why I had left so early, it wasn't really a secret in the pub where I was going so he probably already knows..I did warn him though that I could have my eye turned at any point and he wouldn't stop me, maybe I am a bitch after all, but last night was worth all the grief I will get today.


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I KNEW you would be out! lol

Oh AND you got great sex. I'm desperate for a shag. Don't even know if I'm meeting Hunk next weekend or not. ARRRGGHHH!!!!!

You've overtaken me in the shag fronts my dear!

Emma said...

Aw Vi why? and yes I am so crossed for Hunk..x

Anonymous said...

Oh Emma I admire you, I wish I was getting a sex life like you! I keep saying I will join a dating agency or something! I've no excuse not I am not living so close to home!

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Sounds like a shag-tastic night, LOL

Sounds like the stuff dreams are made of!


Emma said...

Alison/ Lins I don't know how I do

Miss Understood said...

I think you're getting my share! That is so unfair, Emma.

I knew you'd be out as soon as I saw X Factor was cancelled!

Woohoo for the shower attachment :)

Emma said...

It's only a cheapy too Miss U - But hellishly

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Nice one Ems, I wish my weekend had resulted like yours. Loving your new blog layout too!xx

Emma said...

Thanks Girl, yours is good too...xx Had to turn down Mr T today though too much last

EBEZP said...

Excuse me shower attachment ......shagtastic....what has this blog become?!!

Well done Emma, excesses on Saturday nights good one.

Emma said...

Lol Si - It was good though :P xx