Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Mermaid Girl

I would firstly like to start by wishing Mermaid Girl all the luck in the world after her recent cancer surgery, I have only come across Mermaid Girl recently through the gorgeous Evening who you are aware has also had to fight this horrid disease.

Mermaid girl like Evening has borne this with dignity and still stays upbeat even when she is feeling down.

These two are such amazing women and a real inspiration to us all. For those of you who don't visit Miss U, she did a run on Sunday in aid of cancer charities and wore Evening's name on her back, another totally unselfish soul in this wonderful blog land.

I am so proud to be part of everything around these people, it's great that people can touch you so deeply even though you may never meet them.

Thinking of Evening keeps me going personally when I am feeling down and knowing what she has been through, things are never quite as bad as they sometimes seem.

Si, that picture just kind of summed up how I was feeling at the time I saw it and that's why I pinched it, if you are greatly offended I will remove it.

On another note I was supposed to be off on holiday this week but had to go into work because we have a tender due in by the end of the week so today I decided to finish work at lunch time and while I was driving to mum's the car started to get increasingly noisy again, the bloody thing so telephone call to my mate and £40 quid later we have a new wheel bearing, I think it's falling apart slowly but surely, I am so grateful for my mates though it would have cost over £100 quid at main dealer so he's saved me there.

I always feel guilty though because he takes hardly anything off me for labour but he says that's what friends are for. Bless him...

I have also arranged to see Mr T on Sunday after lunch so at least I might get some fun this weekend.

Portly Chap has been speaking to a mutual friend and realises that I haven't made him any promises but he wants me full time and knows that's not what I want so friends without benefits is what it is going to be from now on.

I so didn't want to hurt him so I hope we can go back to being the friends we were before, it will be a real shame if we can't.


EBEZP said...

Excuse me pretty lady I'm looking for Emma but everything is so pretty and changed round here I can't find her!

EBEZP said...

Oh I'm not here for a day or two and look what you've done. Love the decorating job Em!!
Hey you can have as many pics as you want Emma love, the work you put in to helping and supporting others, I couldn't be offended, quite the reverse ok?

Apart from that men, money and fun, it's just a big juggling act isn't it Emma?!

Good luck at keeping all your balls in the air!!

Miss Understood said...

I'm in complete awe of Evening and MG too. It does make my daily battles seem somewhat trivial.

Working on your holiday? Are you MAD, woman? Lol.

Emma said...

Si - Yes a change is as good as a rest and I thrive on keeping balls in the

Miss - Yep I know and one off my girls has just rung in sick too....xx

Lady in red said...

Emma I am sorry you had to work on your holiday.

I have noticed evening commenting on quite a few blogs recently but can't even look at her profile so unable to give her any support myself. I know from my own experience with cancer how important the support of family and friends can be.

Ema I was so disappointed to read that porty chap will be a fwb. especially after you wrote this on your previous post.

to say the earth didn't move is an underestimation, this guy is so not for me

if he just doesn't do it for you then just be friends......I have been down this road and felt awful for making excuses for not seeing the fwb. but just as awful when I did as I wasn't doing it for me.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Lady I think you misread emma, she said friend WITHOUT benefits! lol

Emma - hey that's what mates are for, he may do more for you with the car, but I'm sure you do more for someone else down the track. That's how karma works.

Emma said...

Red - I will get evening to invite you to her blog it's a locked on for now....WITHOUT Vi yes thks..xx

Vi - I do try to all the time, I am not very good at saying no if anyone asks for anything..xx

Lady in red said...

ooops must have read that with my eyes half shut

Emma said...

Red - You should have your invite from Evening now too...enjoy and don't cry too much unless they are smiley tears because she does create those also..xx