Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Bloody Waterworks

What is it with me, Holly and the house which means we are all continually suffering with our waterworks.

For the last week I had noticed the cushion floor in the kitchen appeared wet between the tile effect and couldn't understand why, I blamed holly for a few days, thought she had maybe walked in a puddle outside.

At the weekend I noticed water near the bottom of the washing machine but after running my hand underneath I couldn't find out where it was coming from.

Last night I went to pick some cans of lager up off the floor to put in the fridge and the casing just fell apart.

I have now found the leak, coming from the pipes into my boiler. Before I moved in they put a new boiler in but what appears to have caused the problems, (this is my third leak in four months), is they have put a new boiler on the old piping, so in the words of the plumber who came today, be prepared for more leaks because the piping is old and worn out.

He has replaced the piece of piping which was split but the cushion floor is ruined, I rang my landlord while the plumber was here and asked them to come and take the cushion floor up and see where the water had leaked too, they asked if I could take the flooring up and leave it for the landlord to inspect and decide whether he was going to replace it or not.

This is the same company who you may remember advised me to change fuse wire in the fuse box knowing nothing about how to do this.

I told them it was their house, their cushion floor and I didn't think it was up to me to take it up and store it, where am I going to store wet flooring other than outside?

Reluctantly they agreed to come tomorrow and take the flooring up and leave it to dry out for a few weeks before deciding whether they would replace it or not.

I don't mind replacing the flooring myself, I just didn't fancy trying to move the appliances on my own to get the flooring up, they did advise that I cut around the appliances but that in my eyes wouldn't sort out the drying out problem.

Sometimes I wonder why I pay my rent on time every month.

We will see what tomorrow brings.

On another note had to leave work early to let the plumber in after I had requested they give him the keys this morning, they couldn't even get that right, it's a good job I have an under standing boss and the plumber lives round the corner and managed to go home before coming back to meet me.


Lady in red said...

And they say we have it easy when we rent as we dont have to do the repairs. last september I reported tht I needed a new light switch in my living room. I have never shied away from doing these things myself but since the new regulations regarding electricity, I prefer to let my landlords do it. March they finally decided it should be done, by this time I had done it myself. I had also reported a leaking tap which took 6 months for them to deal with. I still have a broken window in my bedroom. They have been to look at it, they have tried to fit a new hinge that didnt fit and now 18 months later it still wont shut.
still once I get straight with my rent I shall be putting in a list of all the jobs they have not yet done.

Emma said...

Lady - I am still waiting for them to sort my gutters out too, they are that full of rubbish I now have damp on my living room wall, but it's a constant chase which I don't always have time to do..x

EBEZP said...

Landlords are the same the world over aren't they?
Mine's grek which makes life doubly exciting!!

Emma said...

Si - I have never met mine this is the agent that causes all the obstructions...lol..x

Anonymous said...

Hey Emma!

When I disconnected the washer at my old house and turned the water off there was a leak from the pipes. They where so rusty and corroding - I wouldn't mind the house was on 8 years old!

Emma said...

Alison - I can well believe it! Nothing is made to last anymore..x

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Never EVER fork out your own money on a rented property. That is what they are there for. Just keep ringing them up on a dily basis till they fix all problems (note to self - call mine tom, as ANOTHER cupboard door has fallen off!)

Anonymous said...

yes, its outragous, I hate leaks, build an ark for next time, just in case, x

Miss Understood said...

Landlords are a pain in the backside. I used to work for a lettings agency, and came across so many of them (whose properties we were looking after) who didn't give a toss about their tenants.

If I were you, I'd go the CAB and see where you stand with it all. You shouldn't have to deal with all this ... they have bloody responsibilities!

Evening said...

What a mess!!! I hate dealing with stuff like that.
Hope you get it dried out and resolved quickly

Emma said...

Vi - Thanks, I will follow your advice tomorrow...I have always had my own home up until recently so never really had to deal with agents and landlords before and don't really know where I stand..

Wayne - I understand your reasoning..lol

Miss - I can well believe it, I am going to have a look at tennants rights and see where I stand..x

Evening - Thanks, I will get it sorted, I won't let go until I do, they did even suggest yesterday I claimed on my contents insurance....yep £60 quid excess and how much would it put my policy up in the wonderful flood plain I live in..xx

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Blimmey, Emma,

This really isn't good enough! I do hope that you get this sorted out soon enough :-(



Emma said...

Lins - Oh I will, they haven't met me yet...lol..x

Anonymous said...

its national stocking day friday, will you be posting any pics

Lady in red said...

trust wayne to know it was national stockings day....I blogged about mine without realising lol