Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Pieces Don't fit (Well the uniform doesn't anyway)

Ok how happy was I when at my second interview I am told that we have a uniform and it is paid for by the company, it looks very nice so I think at least it will save me buying work clothes.

Yesterday I went into new job for an induction and the usual H & S lectures that you have to sit through nowadays and was given my uniform.

So typical woman couldn't wait to get in and try it on, but no was running slightly late for Therapist's so had to drop it off and go back out again.

Went to see therapist and explained to her my manic behavior of the last few weeks and that I was actually getting nervous I might do something inpulsive, like sleep with married man or worse still friend at the weekend. The outcome was I still have some work to do with her and I am not ready to pull away just yet.

It is really quite wierd I have suddenly started getting these urges again which can't be satisfied by battery operated products alone, I tried furiously the other night and nothing I did satisfied me, I need a man and I need one am just a little scared of the temptations which are around me again now I have started going out again.

I am definitely running uncontrollably high at the moment I really need to level myself out, hoping the new job may help to do that.

Anyway, back to the uniform! It doesn't bloody fit, none of it, the skirt fits on the hips and not on the waist, the trousers also fit everywhere but the waist, the blouses gape at my boobs, so what a disappointment.

This morning rang in and informed them that uniform doesn't fit and especially the skirt and trousers it wouldn't be worth getting the bigger size because I would then look like Andy Pandy, so I went treking for Navy trousers and skirts this afternoon, started off in Marks' managed to get a lovely skirt in there but no trousers, went in Next no trousers or skirts but I did spend £35 quid on a pair of shoes which I have been walking up and down the house in trying to bed in, I really don't do full shoes but we have to wear them so I will have to give it a try. My next stop was Dotty Porkers, nothing remotely navy in there and my last stop, praying the lovely parking attendant wasn't going to walk past my car and realise my ticket actually ran out 1/2 hr ago I entered Primark, now I am no snob but must admit I have never been in there in my life, found two pair of trousers right leg length and fitted perfectly for a bloody fiver, £10 quid for two pairs of trousers? what a bargain.

Walked back to the car which I could see in the distance, as it was the only one parked up trying to spot the famous black/yellow of the parking ticket and for a change something went right no ticket, after my excitement of my £5 trousers I really thought they would have cost me £35 quid by the time I got back but no they hadn't, so thanks go to the parking attendant on duty today for not walking past my car....

Got to go into both old and new job tomorrow, new one I think I am doing a full day, old one I have to go and do an exit interview, I have just written it up and it makes interesting reading, may have a battle on my hands but Am I Bovered????? Nah.....

New one, just a day to put some procedures in place before Monday, so looking forward to someone listening to my imput for a change.

Update tomorrow night after darts....wish me luck!!!!


AntiSocialWatch said...

Good Luck Emma :o)

EBEZP said...

Good luck Emma. Exit interviews yuk just tell them how it is, hey you're leaving what can they do?
The new job sounds good and I'm sure will do you good too, can't wait for all the news!
Whats wrong with Primark - if you can do cheap and cheerful they'll be there with you!!

Miss Understood said...

I'm going to Primark today to get some interview clothes. I need shoes too (which will undoubtedly take me about a month to find!)

Good Luck Emma x

Freddy said...

If you thought Primark was good, try Matalan!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Emma I can sympathise, it’s one of the reasons I am looking forward to two weeks in Sweden am hoping there will be a few men for some fun! ;) It’s the one thing I hate about being single, men are good for one thing!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Primark is fab, I love it! It's great for fast fashion fixes that are in one minute & out the next, 'throwaway fashion' if you like, I just tend to keep the stuff & mix it up a bit. They really are great :o)

Emma said...

Thanks for all your comments, rushing now for darts, had a good day today and it appears everyone has problems with the uniforms.

Primark again I have found it, Oh and Freddy already a Matalan fan always in there it's just round the corner from me...but not a pair of Navy trousers in sight yesterday..xx

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I LOVE primark! Only been there once but got my entire summer wardrobe for 50 pounds! Looked in M&S and next today and found NADA. The fashion is crap at the mo. Good luck baby!

CSG said...

A few years ago I would've said uniforms suck. But now I think they make every day life easier. Also that way you can save some money and spend it in great clothes for weekends!