Monday, 16 April 2007

Mistress Why?

Whatever happened to my plea
Being someones mistress was not for me
I have gone and done it again
No doubt it will end and then

I will look to myself with shame
How could I have caused all this pain
I have been on the receiving end
So why do I go round the bend

To aim for things which can’t be mine
No one loving me until the end of time
Maybe I take the easy way out
Never ever being In with a shout

Selfish though I always feel
It somehow makes a different deal
I can walk away without the dream
Of ever really knowing what it means

If he decides he wants to be with me
I will run like the wind and off I will flee
To the next unsuspecting catch
That wants anything other than being at match

Made in heaven or so they say
I will never ever feel that way
So safe in my adulterous ways
Hoping someday I don’t pay

But if I do and I fall for you
Please don’t ever promise to be true
Because that’s not part of the game
And I know you feel the same

So lets just enjoy what we have got
No promises or declarations of love
Because that I can rise above
And I really don’t give a jot

If you have to cheat on your wife
That’s really you who needs a life
When not being understood
Just ask yourself if your any good

If the answer is you just fail
To keep tied in your reckless tail
Then maybe its all down to you
To yourself you need to be true

But don’t take it out on the wife
She doesn’t deserve all this strife
Its you who needs to walk away
And if you must go off and play

But play alone is what you must do
Because she doesn’t stand a chance with you
Sow the seeds you failed to sow
And when you are ready you will know

The time has come to settle down
And stop acting the almighty clown
But maybe that is not you at all
And if not enjoy the fall

One day you will wake and see
What you have lost along the way
The things you thought you could be
Without your wife, but hey

You thought you knew best
So now you can face the test
Of living your life alone
Wishing you had somewhere to call home

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