Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Stab Vests

Not sure is this had anything to do with it, Stab Vests but as long as it works and as I have just heard they are being trialed so hopefully will be issued to all NHS Ambulance Personnel very soon.

New figures out today:

13% of staff said they had experienced physical violence.

Thirteen per cent of staff members said they had experienced physical violence from patients or their relatives in the 12 months prior to the survey in 2007, the same as in 2006 and up one percentage point from 2005.

Violence was most prevalent in ambulance and mental health trusts where 29% and 22% of staff respectively said they had experienced physical violence from patients or their relatives in the previous 12 months.

Twenty-six per cent of staff said they had been harassed, bullied or abused by patients or their relatives in the last 12 months. This showed little improvement over previous years (28% in 2006 and 26% in 2007.

Something has to be done to protect all NHS staff especially those on the frontline.


dickiebo said...

And so say all of us.

VBF! said...

OMG It's just ridiculous! xx

Sarah said...

I had no idea!

Emma said...

dickie - I really hope it comes off..xx

VBF - Yep you can't believe it can you?..xx

Sarah - They are often the first on the scene and unless they have requested police protection they go in alone, sometimes literally alone the ones that work on FRU's for example..x

Anonymous said...

Blimmey, it comes to something doesn't it, when NHS Ambulance Personnel have to be kitted out with stab vests!

What is this country coming too?

A really, really sad state of affairs :-(


Lady in red said...

was it you or cheekyfaces who highlighted this once before.....

which reminds me does anyone know where she disappeared to?

Lady in red said...
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Emma said...

LiR - Yes it was me the petition is still running, not sure about Cheeky, bless her I had an email for her but it bounced back..xx

kingmagic said...

Thanks Emma for keeping this going.

Its getting worse now that we have "Call Connect" in place. This means that we are sent to an address before the conroller knows what the job is!

All in the hope of hitting ORCON the government targets!

One of us is going to die or become seriously injured!

Its not a question of if, but when!

Emma said...

KM - I had heard if that and wondered what it was all about. It sounds really scary that though...stay safe darl..xx