Sunday, 16 December 2007

This is one of the daft lads

This is one of the most annoying men in the pub getting beat up by his sister after he had been annoying everybody all night, he is pretty harmless really but he does have a massive flatulence problem and I have never smelt anything like it.

He spent all night last night taking my sandals off and tickling my feet, now I really hate anyone tickling my feet so he was getting a good beating from me to.

The lady in pink is an absolute nutter she has us in hysterics all the time, she picks all the guys up and throws them all over the place, they are all absolutely terrified of her.

Her party piece is putting the guys on her back and running round the pub with them.There might not be many of us but we never fail not to have a laugh and a good night.


A Lighter Life... said...

Awww, watching this, I was actually beginning to feel sorry for the poor guy. Flatulence problems or not, LOL....

As for feet tickling, God, I hate that too!

LL xx

Anonymous said...

nice one, if she kept bending over like that in front of me, I would have to wham bam her arse, the temptation would be to much. If she had me on her back, then I would have to have a good feel of her tits.
Maybe I would end up part of the pool table. x

Anonymous said...

Awww poor man being roughed up by two women {had me in stitches} lol

Now he can come and tickle my feet anyday of the week!

Lady in red said...

theres only one guy has ever played with my feet and lived

Emma said...

Lins - No need to honest, he's a bloody pest..xx

Wayne - Lol it's his sister..xx

Moose - Not only is he a pest he's also a massive rake so you would probably catch something..xx

Lady - Yep there's not many get to tickle mine..xx