Tuesday, 11 December 2007

New job

The new job is going ok, the only problem with temping is finding things to do, my boss has gone on a course for four days so I am at a bit of a loose end, after having jobs over the last few years where I am belly to ground from the minute I walk through the door I am almost falling asleep at my desk.

The office is also very quiet no phones ringing constantly or much noise at all, the staff are all great though and have made me feel very welcome.

I have been taken on for one particular project which is due to happen in March, so when the event is over I will be finished, but they aren't making any bones about that and have been honest from the start.

I think once I get into the swing of things I will be fine.

I have been to another agency tonight to sign on, I have to keep my options open they are another which market you rather than just suggest the first thing that comes in. I have found out though that I am not marketing myself properly on my cv so need to re do for the next job I apply for.

Just had Mum on the phone about Christmas, she wants to spend it at my sisters but she can't drive at the moment so it looks like I have a 100 mile round trip to do Christmas day. I don't mean to sound like a whinge but I am a bah humbug where Christmas is concerned and it means I can't have a drink, ok yes I am being selfish so I will shut up.


Anonymous said...

if you want to drive another 100 miles, come and have a drink with me, xx

Anonymous said...

sorrry.... glad to there the new job is going ok, I am sure when they see how good you are, they will find something else for you to do. xx

EBEZP said...

Glad your job is going well Em! There's a lot of selfishness at Christmas sometimes and sometimes more compromise is needed, you'll be ok!

ALighterLife said...

Hi Emma,

I'm so pleased to hear that your new job is going well and that everyone has made you feel welcome.

I'm sure something permanant will turn up soon enough hun ;-)

Huge hugs!

LL x

Wild Catz said...

Glad to hear that the new job is going OK :o)


Wild Catz said...
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Wild Catz said...
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Wild Catz said...

oops - over-zealous clicking on my behalf! Sorry.

cheekyfaces said...

Keep that chin up girl!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see it is going okay, it’s a job and I am sure the money is worth doing it for… I intend to look for something to do in the coming months, I am so bored at home, I need excitement and gossip!

Emma said...

Wayne - Add another 100 to that...lol..thanks though that is what I am hoping, I seem to have slotted in well already..xx

Si - Yes compromise might be needed here I feel, it did only occur to me yesterday thanks to Landlady that I won't be able to go out xmas eve either...arghhh..xx

Lins - Thanks, fingers crossed..xx

Wild - Thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks again, ...lol..xx

Cheeky - It is up honest! Had a good day today it's fun..xx

Ally - Hope that is a sign if you feeling a little better, when I was ill earlier in the year I didn't want to do anything but while I have been off this time it has bored me stupid so good sign I feel...xx