Friday, 16 November 2007

I resign!

This morning at 10.30 there was a knock on the door and it was the postman with a lovely recorded delivery letter from work.

This is for my disciplinary hearing on Monday at 2pm and includes statements from members of staff involved.

I have been stitched up like a kipper here and all the others have got off scott free.

I have replied to say I will attend but after I started to realise I could be jobless by 3pm on Monday I called my ex boss who most of you know I love to bits, she is the only one I have really kept in touch with since I left.

I asked her advice and she offered to come with me to the hearing but then asked me if I really thought I wanted to carry on working with these people even if I get my name cleared and in all honesty, no I don't.

I don't see how I can carry on, especially when one of the staff members who has given a statement was one I wanted to keep out of it all, so I might as well of kept to my original statement.

Anyway I have been round a few Agencies today and I don't think I will be out of work long if at all, I have been put forward for four jobs already and I can still go temping if I have to.

So at 1pm on Monday my notice will go in to present job an hour before the hearing.

I have explained to two of the agencies what has happened and they have just asked me for a personal reference instead of one from my present job.

That's me though, honest and open, always have been and always will be, so we will see what happens next week.

As it happens Landlady has got a very short notice holiday to China from next Wednesday so she had already asked me to look after the pub. The present company owe me over a week in lieu time so I will request the payment of that in my resignation letter. It does say in my contract if you leave with any time owing they have to pay you it.

I am a great believer in things happening for a reason and I am sure it will all work out in the end.. Thanks once again guys and gals for all your support this week, you will never really know how much it has meant to me..xx


Anonymous said...

Good on you Emma, you know what they say what comes around goes around and I have plans for revenge on the parents of that kid that keeps name calling! :)

Good luck with getting tempting work, I can't see you having no problem!

Enjoy your weekend!

Emma said...

Thanks Ally for taking the time to comment and support me all week when you haven't been feeling your best, it's really is appreciated, you take care..and have a good weekend..xx

PC South West said...

Emma these things are often a blessing in disguise. Their loss you know not yours.
Sometimes they can’t see that through their own stubborn policies.
Good luck,

Lady in red said...

I am sure that you will end up with a better job that will make you happier. Even before this happened you were not really happy there. Maybe this is the push you needed to find something better.


Too Fat To Fly... said...

I can't really add anything more than the others have already mentioned.

You are a strong lady and I am sure that you'll come through this and with your head held high (& rightly so).

Your current workplace doesn't deserve you anyway! Onto bigger and better things ;-)

Good luck babe!


Anonymous said...

well done girl, hope it all works out, you deserve better, what a bunch of wankers, just like my old job, i am so happy now where i work.
if you put your notice in before the hearing so to speak, nothing can go on record, as you were never interviewed. Just put your leaving as a result of their inability to comunicate with staff, there pettyness, and unprofessional standards..
you can always put a p.s., saying the one who you didn't want to put a statement in was the worse one for iou's, and to watch her carefully. lol,,
good luck xxx

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

It's all for a reason honey. You are going to be so much happier, the next place you end up at.

Miss Understood said...

Yep, everything for a reason. I hope you told them that your resignation was due to the fact you refuse to work with a bunch of low life, back-stabbing, idiotic retards. x

Emma said...

PC - There have been problem staff since I started there, it was inherent, I have lasted the longest of anyone in my position and I have only been there 6 months so that in it self tells you something...thanks for your support..xx

Lady - Your not wrong there it was starting to go downhill from my PR - so not great loss..xx

Lins - I do believe things happen for a reason whether good or bad so fingers crossed this might take me onto bigger and better things..xx

Wayne - I kind of thought I would walk away with quiet dignity, not written my notice out yet though..xx

Vi - I hope so..xx

Miss - I might add something of the kind but maybe not so strong..xx

Girl*Next*Door said...

Em, good luck to you! & tell them to stick it! Far better to resign than be sent packing, as wrong as they have been towards you & as unjust as it is you'll probably find it's a big blessing in disguise.

Tell em to stick it where the sun doesn't shine!


EBEZP said...

You will feel so good telling them to stick their job and what's important is how you feel it's been a horrible time for you and it's time to move forward then hopefully very soon you can look back at this and see how petty it all was and how much better you feel!!
You rock Emma - no really!

Emma said...

GND - I suppose the thing that hurts most is I actually quite liked the job and the relationships I had built with external parties...but hey! life goes on..thanks for your support..xx

Si - I do still feel it is very petty especially some of the things which have gone on there previously...thanks