Thursday, 17 May 2007

Tom King and other things

Ok I know I am sad but how many weeks have we been waiting to find out who killed him, I am not entirely convinced we have heard the last of this one.

Being a Yorkshire Gal I was brought up on Emmerdale Farm as it was then, all hands up cows backsides and sheep shearing, lol yes I have partaken in both in the past, the former not without gloves.

The saddest part for me was poor old Len just sliping away like that, totally unnoticed, you try crying when you can't blow your nose....

Any of you who want to pinch Maddie's pic please feel free, I feel so much for this little girl who through no fault of her own has been taken, it's dreadful and I will reserve comment on the circumstances surrounding it for the time being, though I do feel quite strong about the fact she was left on her own.

I don't want to get political over it but I really can't help thinking of how different they would have been treat had they not been of the middle England class.

Once again it's Maddie I feel for and will continue to think of her until the day she is found.

Bit of a mixed post today, got back from Hospital yesterday morning with bruised cheeks and a lovely padded moustache, I am happy to say the moustache has now been removed but I still can't blow my nose for at least a week.

I am also meant to sneeze with my mouth open and protect my nose, this terrifies me and I have had the urge to do so twice today and squeezed my nose that hard its gone away, thankfully.

I am really not ready for what may happen if I do. I have a follow up with doc next week then with the consultant in June, I have asked him if I can see him at the hospital I am going to work at and he said that was no problem, at least I can do it in my lunch hour....

When I came round in recovery my recovery nurse is going to be working with me at the new hospital too, so I already know a few people before I start, we actually both start the same day.

I ventured out for the first time today and as anyone out there who has suffered with sinusitis will tell you it makes you dizzy, so what a sight I was in the Supermarket holding on to things for dear life so I didn't fall over, I have pretty much mastered the fact that I have to get up slowly when I get of the sofa or out of bed, but me being the miss independant that I am had to try and push didn't know whether to grab me or the trolley when I went skidding back into it.

Oh well I will learn someday I suppose, but I do feel ok, just totally blocked up and can't breathe through my nose, I am also pleased to say it hasn't been anything like as bad as people told me it would be which I am eternally grateful for..

My present job are sending me my exit interview via email tomorrow so that could be interesting, I have already decided that I am not going to hold back on what I will say, I will post bits of it tomorrow so you can all have a laugh.

My present boss has rang me today to inform me she is leaving and going to work at another site so we have had a real good bitching session between us, she asked if we could keep in touch because we are only going to be working a mile apart and I said I would love to.

She is one of those people that I just clicked with and we have had a very good relationship both work and personal, so I am looking forward to catching up with her when we have both left, she leaves 4 days after me.

Thank you all for your well wishes and thanks to Laney for her Tarot material to keep me in the loop.....



Note to self again!!!! Preview before posting!!!!


TooFatToFly said...

Ooo, I lurve Emmerdale! It's my fave soap! I just love all that *Sheep-Shit-N' Wellies* haha

Like you say, I don't think we have heard the last of this "Who killed Tom King" saga.

As for poor old Len, God, did anyone see that one coming? haha. I knew that there was due to be a *death* in the soap this week, but I was thinking it would perhaps be Louise due to her accident...

As for Maddie, it really is a terrible situation and one can only imagine what her family must be going through right now? Though like you, I do feel rather strongly about the fact that such a young child was left on her own?

I know it's easy to judge people, but honestly in today's world you can NEVER be too careful! Still, this is something that her parents are no doubt going to regret until Maddie is found.

Onto a lighter note! I am glad to hear that you seem to be in good spirits after your op! Sounds as if you have to be really careful right now with sneezing and what not...

Still, it's great that you are home and back with little, Holly.

Good luck with your exit interview tomorrow ;-)

Have fun, lol


Lins xx

Emma said...

Thanks Lins

I have emailed me you love..xx

Miss Understood said...

I was never an Emmerdale fan, but was force fed it when I was still with my husband. I haven't watched it all since he left...apart from last night, because I knew the murderer was going to be revealed.
What a disappointment!
Yes...they had all the suspense up until the end, but I just felt like they plucked his name out of a bag or something.
Len's death was acted well though, and the song at the end was lovely.

As for Maddy...I'm with you on that one. What the hell were they thinking? Of course, I feel terribly for them, but I can't help shaking my head. I agree...if they had been unemployed parents in their 20's, and drinking in a bar rather than eating a meal, they would have been completely slated by this country.
I actually think that people will start to speak the truth about this IF she is found, which I hope to God, she will be. I can see a Trevor Mcdonald interview coming up, questioning how responsible they are as parents.

funny sparky said...

Emmerdale has vastly improved over the last couple of years and we do watch that more than the other now...sad I know! lol!

Hope you feel better v soon XX